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The Simple Joys of Summertime

Shaking off the last of the spring temperatures and rains and heading headlong into the fun of summer, it’s nice to take a moment to stop and smell the flowers, so to speak. No matter where you are in your life today, you got there through the help and support of your friends, family and others who have been there for you and with you. These Willow Tree figurines capture some of those feelings, and make a wonderful way to remind those in your life what they mean to you.

Surrounded by LoveThe “Surrounded by Love” figurine embodies your feeling of being supported and cared for. Clutching a bouquet of vivid red poppy flowers in her hands, the figurine holds the flowers close, just as you hold those around you near to your heart. The red poppy also symbolizes remembrance, making it a great way to remember those who are no longer here. The included sentiment reads “Abundant love surrounds you,” and you or your recipient will surely feel that whenever you look at this figurine.

Simple JoysThe second figurine, “Simple Joys,” holds a collection of purple flowers in the apron of her dress, as though she is collecting them as she walks, surrounding herself with these flowers that make her happy. In just the same way, we collect people around us who make us happy and bring positive thoughts and memories to mind. The sentiment on this figurine doubles as the words to say to whomever your recipient is: “You’re simply a joy in my life.”

Thank You FigurineSupport, friendship and love surround each of us daily, and those who provide it often do so without expecting anything in return. The “Thank You Figurine” makes a great keepsake for those close to you, serving as a token of your esteem and appreciation for their care and compassion. With her hands held outward, the figurine is offering a collection of peonies in thanks, just as you offer up your thanks to those in your life. “So appreciative of all you do,” reads the included card, the perfect sentiment to match this praising gift.

As you think on those who have helped you become you, those who continue to support you, and those who help celebrate your good times and manage the bad days, think about giving them a great Willow Tree figurine. We can never fully show those close to us how much they mean, but a quick glance at one of these statuettes will immediately remind them how much you appreciate everything they do.


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