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Why The Little Things Matter Most (And How To Give Them)

K. Kannon Co's keepsake box with two women on it

You’ve probably heard it dozens of times: “The little things matter most!”. You may be wondering what that is or what it entails. Gift-giving, or picking up on the little things, isn’t an inherent trait humans are born to do. Like most things, it is a skill that takes time to hone!

So, why is it that the little things truly matter most? Well…

They Show You Care

It’s as simple as that! Picking up on and remembering the little things is a great way to show your loved ones that you care. For example, if you see a candy bar your spouse loves and pick it up for them, it takes roughly two dollars and an additional thirty seconds to your trip. But to them, it shows that you remembered a fact about them, and that when you saw it, you thought of them.

How To Give Them

The best way to give the little things is to listen and observe.

Does your partner have to precariously place their ring on a windowsill before doing dishes? Does your friend talk about missing their dog? Or does your grandparent talk about missing their spouse? These are all things to keep in mind and things that K. Kannon Company has the perfect item for. For example:

– A keepsake box to keep precious jewelry in.

– An engraved plaque of a dog being hugged.

– A husband and wife willow tree figurine

As you can see, we have no shortage of thoughtful gifts that will make your loved ones feel special.

Each of our lovingly made pieces features different scenes and depictions, for example, a mother with her baby or a father and daughter! The figurines have unpainted faces, which is an intentional statement by the artist. Without painted faces, the recipient can imagine themselves and their loved ones on the figurine, which is more special than a generic painted face. We also offer handmade engraved plaques and keepsake boxes to get. If you have any questions or want to place your order, please visit us online or call us at 1-800-226-1044.

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