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How To Give An Amazing Gift This Holiday Season

Two people sitting on a couch exchanging gifts

Many begin thinking about what gifts to buy as the holiday season approaches. Most people agree that the best gifts are thoughtful and show that the person giving them took the time to think about it. This blog is for you if you often default to giving gift cards or ties! Below are our top tips for giving an amazing gift this season!

Be Intentional

Whether it’s a group holiday gift exchange or giving a gift to someone you know well, you always want to consider the person. However, it’s more than just knowing your recipients’ likes and dislikes; you want to be intentional in your gift. You don’t want to go, “They have a dog; I’ll get them some dog toys,”- but rather, ask them questions: have they always had dogs? How old is their dog?

Getting to know more allows you to get a gift that will truly stick with them for a lifetime.

Tip: for the above example, our blog has great tips for what K. Kannon Company products would make the dog lover in your life jump with joy!

Don’t Wait Until The Last Minute

Waiting until the day (or hours!) before to purchase a gift always ends in disaster. Many people order fantastic handmade gifts online- and it is important to consider shipping time when purchasing gifts. By purchasing gifts ahead of time, you are also able to put more thought into what you get, rather than grabbing the first thing that jumps out at you.

At K. Kannon Company, we offer complimentary shipping on orders over $99- which is perfect for the upcoming holiday season! This holiday season, consider giving one of our figurines. They each offer different scenes and depictions, for example, a mother with her baby or a father and daughter!

Our lovingly made pieces are unique, making them a great option. The figurines have unpainted faces, which is an intentional statement by the artist. Without painted faces, the recipient can imagine themselves and their loved ones on the figurine, which is more special than a generic painted face. We also offer handmade engraved plaques and keepsake boxes to get. If you have any questions or want to place your order, please visit us online or call us at 1-800-226-1044.

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