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Remind Those in Your Life How Much You Appreciate Them

Every now and again, we stop to think about the important people in our lives. It may be after a holiday, or an unexpected act of kindness, but something grabs a hold of us, and makes us think of a special person. When that happens, we’re often left with an overwhelming desire to show this person exactly how important he or she is.

So how can you show what’s going on inside of your heart? Well, the “little things” we do show others how much we care, like showing up with coffee just to say “Hi” or giving him or her a special little gift that will say more than words ever could.

Depending on your reason for gifting, you are sure to find the perfect sentiment in a Willow Tree figurine. They make ideal gifts for the myriad relationships in your life. Each affordable figurine is carefully hand-constructed and painted by the original artist, making a truly unique and thoughtful gift.

The artist of Willow Tree dolls leaves the faces intentionally blank, prompting the recipient’s imagination to create an extremely personal impression. The three figurines below are some of our favorite gift ideas.

Forget Me NotForget Me Not

The Forget Me Not figurine sends a powerful message that you’re in it for the long haul. Whether it is for friendship, romance or family, this statuette shows that you’re always thinking of your intended. The Forget Me Not Willow Tree figurine depicts a girl looking down and smelling flowers. Though her face is a mystery, her pose and style tells a story that is up to the recipient’s imagination. She could be looking down at a bouquet on her wedding day, or she may be the type of girl who loves to get distracted by flowers. She might be your mother who taught you how to garden, or little sister that picks you bouquets in summer. She is a perfect embodiment of so many memories. Most importantly, she comes with a sweet message that reads “holding thoughts of you closely”.

Beautiful WishesBeautiful Wishes

Beautiful Wishes is another gorgeous figurine, showing a faceless girl holding flowers. In this pose, she holds fresh white lilies with her head tilted slightly to the side. A tilted head is often a sign of pondering, falling in love or nervousness. Beautiful Wishes is the perfect figurine to give someone who may be expecting good news, getting married or waiting for important information. This gift is the sweetest way to say “good luck” or “congratulations.”

Thank You AngelThank You Angel

The Thank You Angel figurine is a subtle, sweet way to thank someone for an act of kindness. Your altruistic recipient is not expecting anything for what he or she did for you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show how much you appreciate this person. A simple and sentimental gift, the angel’s message reads “Appreciating your kindness.”

Enjoy our ideas? Share your story in the comments section; we’d love to know the happiness and love that Willow Tree figurines bring to your life.


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