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Springtime Brings Warm Weather and Warm Spirits

As we move through spring and into the warmer temperatures of the summer, we remember all the great memories of the seasons spent with friends and family, having fun in the sun and enjoying the company one another. As the vibrant spring colors pop and come to life, take a moment to reflect and cherish those moments your life with a Willow Tree figurine.

Warm Embrace Channeling the joy of seeing the first blooms of spring, the “Warm Embrace” figurine depicts a person cradling vivid yellow flowers in their hands, enjoying the warm colors. The flowers’ color channels feelings of the warm sun and basking in the spring or summer glow, fresh from the chill of winter. The included card, which reads “Surrounded by the warmth of family and friends,” helps to further remind you of those wonderful days spent enjoying the sights and smells of the changing seasons.

Sunshine AngelAnother figurine that shares in the delights of a sunny day is the “Sunshine Angel.” Carrying a bounty of the same, fresh yellow flowers in her arms as the Warm Embrace figurine, the Sunshine Angel stands looking upward, as if awash in the glow and radiance of the midday sun. Reading “Friendship brings the sun … and flowers bloom!” the Sunshine Angel’s cache of flowers represents the bounty of friendships in your life that have flourished over the many seasons and years gone by.

BloomJust as any fledgling relationship or friendship needs to be nurtured to blossom into a cherished and loved part of your life, plants too need to be nourished and cared for to develop into vivid and healthy flowers. The “Bloom” figurine captures the essence of that same concept, featuring a young woman holding close a bouquet of reddish-pink Calla lilies. Here too, the included saying – “Like our friendship … vibrant and ever-constant” – further evokes an appreciation of friends who have developed into cherished and vivacious parts of your life and have become almost a part of who you are.

Your friends and family have been a treasured part of your life. During this season of growth and renewal, remind them how much you treasure the gift of their presence with a Willow Tree figurine.

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Written by K Kannon Co.

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