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Celebrate Christmas in July with the Nativity Collection

Christmas in July is an expression we’ve all heard, with roots tracing back more than a century. While it’s clearly not the winter and yuletide season, there’s no reason we can’t celebrate some of our favorite Willow Tree Nativity items during these warmer months. In this first part of our Christmas in July look at the holidays ahead, let’s look at three of our favorite, traditional items.

Six-Piece Nativity SetSix-Piece Nativity Set

“Behold the awe and wonder of the Christmas story” reads the card that comes with this nativity set, which offers everything needed to host the full scene of those celebrating the birth of the baby Jesus. Featuring three of the stable animals alongside the three wise men, you can position and stage the group in whatever arrangement looks best for your holiday display or use this set as a starting point to grow and build your manger scene. The tallest figure in the collection stands 8.5 inches tall, making the collection easy to include in any space you may have, while the kneeling wise man holds the divine baby, cradling him in his arms and completing the scene.

Three Wise Men NativityThree Wise Men Nativity Figurines

Similar to the six-piece nativity set, the Three Wise Men figurines provide you with a grouping of the bearers of well wishes and prosperity who traveled to Bethlehem. Each figurine carries one of the storied gifts – gold, frankincense and myrrh – truly embodying the biblical tale of the three kings and their reverence for the birth of Jesus. The set is accompanied the reading “They followed a star and found the Light of the World,” and each of these figures is unique from those included in the six-piece set, providing another option for customers looking for a different look for their nativity scene.

Metal Stars Nativity BackdropMetal Stars Nativity Backdrop

Providing a peaceful decorative backdrop, the Willow Tree Metal Stars will shine above your whole nativity scene. Just as the stars shone vividly above the stable that fateful night, so too will these durable and stylish stars shine above your seasonal setting. Standing 13.5 inches in height – a full 5 inches taller than the tallest of the nativity figurines – these stars will provide the perfect idyllic setting for your holiday display of the holy birth.

In our next post, we’ll take a look at some of the other Willow Tree items available to round out your nativity scenes. As always, call us at 800-226-1044 for more information on any product or for answers to any of your questions!

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