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Hold onto Memories with a Keepsake Box

From your treasured wedding day and the miraculous birth of your children to the loss of a loved one, memories help us cherish what and whom we hold most dear.

The importance of a keepsake box

A keepsake box is a creative and unique way to collect your memories surrounding certain events and people in one place. It serves as a sort of time capsule, collecting items and souvenirs from special moments in your life; these items help you remember the details of significant events and people over time.

Keepsake box ideas

Willow Tree Keepsake BoxTo create a wedding memory box, include items such as your wedding program, wedding cake knife and server, cake topper, toasting glasses and any personalized favors you handed out to guests. If your wedding is upcoming, remember to save some flowers from the bouquet or boutonniere and save the cork from your first shared bottle of champagne. Consider also writing down your vows to keep in your box.

For a newborn baby box, collect items from before your baby’s birth, like ultrasound photos and items from the baby shower. Include your baby’s first cap and mittens, first pacifier, and hospital tag. Do not forget your baby’s birth handprint and footprint as well as the birth announcement and newborn photos.

To create a memorial box, honor your loved one’s memory with photos and letters. Keep some of their favorite items in your box, such as their favorite jewelry or something they used daily like a journal. Hold on to any evidence of their hobbies and interests, such as concert tickets or art they created.

Hold on to your special treasures with a Willow Tree Keepsake Box from K. Kannon Company, the ideal engraved box perfect for keeping your memories close. Give us a call at 1-800-226-1044 with any questions you may have!

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