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4 Signs that Your Guardian Angel is Visiting You

With unconditional love and care, guardian angels bring comfort, peace, and guidance to those they protect.

Because visits from guardian angels are easy to miss in this distracted, multi-tasking world, recognizing the signs of a visit will ensure you do not let these divine moments slip past you.

Here are a few ways to know that your guardian angel is visiting you!

Unexpected white features

White features symbolize faith and protection. This common sign occurs in unlikely locations and during times of need. Seeing a white feature in an unlikely place may mean your angel is near and watching over you at that moment. If you cannot explain the presence of a white feature, this could be the sign of your guardian angel trying to get your attention. You may find encouragement and reassurance from your angel through this sign.

Strange light patterns

How to Spot a Guardian Angel VisitBright lights or strange colored orbs could be signs of a guardian angel visit. Look for orbs in photographs and in your everyday life and know that your guardian angel is near.

Unexplained shimmers of light or glints of bright lights could signal the presence of your guardian angel. Instead of thinking your eyes are fooling you, it could just mean someone’s watching over nearby.

Young children and pets noticing empty spaces

Think back to a time when you were nursing your baby in the middle of the night; did you notice them looking at the corner of the room at seemingly nothing and smiling?

Perhaps you were watching TV one day and noticed your dog or cat staring off into space or watching something moving around the room?

Angels are believed to put babies and pets at ease, and many think these two groups can actually see guardian angels while adults unfortunately cannot. If you notice them seeing something you cannot, you might be in the presence of an angel!

Scents and temperatures

Trust your nose to detect random pleasant aromas like flowers or perfumes. Scents that appear suddenly without easy explanation might mean a visit from your guardian angel. Think about what or who the smell reminds you of and know that your deceased loved one might be accompanying your guardian angel on the visit.

Angels reach out to you using various methods of communication, and scent is one way to easily show you that they are near.

Another easy sign to recognize is a sudden change in temperature; perhaps you feel a chill or sudden warmth surrounding you—that’s your guardian angel.

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Written by K Kannon Co.

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