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Father’s Day 2020

FFather’s Day is just a few short days away, and now is the perfect time to find a gift to celebrate your dad! There are many options for gifts like new gadgets, shavers, and grills. While these are some of the most popular gifts, why not try something a little more thoughtful this year. 

Willow tree figurines make the ideal Father’s Day gift for Dad. These sentimental gifts are the perfect way for a child to show how much they care. Rather than purchasing a cliché gift, a willow tree doll comes with plenty of thought and consideration.

Willow Tree has figurines for both sons and daughters who want to celebrate their father. Check out our Willow Tree Father & Son Figurine and Willow Tree Father & Daughter Figurine.  

Why Willow Tree Figurines?

Willow tree dolls have their faces unpainted. This is an intentional look, started by the artist so that the recipient of the gift may look upon the figurine and create his or her own mental picture of the face. Moreover, they’re available in various styles, so you can find a set of willow tree dolls in a scene that is perfect for your dad.

Do you have a happy memory with your dad? Maybe he taught you the perfect cast on a summer fishing trip, or perhaps he took you to play baseball at a local park. Whatever your happy memory is, there’s a willow tree set that represents it perfectly.

They say grown men don’t cry, but not when Dad opens up your gift this year. Choose a thoughtful card along with it, and include his favorite snack or beverage. In addition to the present, be sure to spend some quality time with him, because there’s no gift he’d love more!

Browse our selection of Willow Tree Family figurines to find the perfect one for your father today! 

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