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Family Figurines: Representations of Love

Family is important to all of us. Whether you have a large extended family, or it is just you and your partner, family is something all of us cherish and treasure. Photographs are one way we immortalize special moments and people, but often we want something that we can hand down from one generation to another, something that can be integrated into our home’s decor, that can represent treasured relationships.


Family figurines are just those things.


Take for instance our “Sisters by Heart” figurine. It represents two girls facing each other, holding hands, and communicating in a way that is so unique to sisters. This figurine can be put in the sisters’ rooms, given as a gift if the sisters are grown, or displayed in a special place in the home.

Family figurines can become your collectibles, unique gifts, but however you use them, they represent those you love and treasure.


Can you imagine the joy you would give your grandmother or grandfather if you gave them the gift of the “Grandmother Family” figurine which shows a grandmother holding her grandchild? It is perfect as a present for a birthday, Christmas, or Mother’s Day.Grandmother


When your wife or daughter becomes pregnant we have a beautiful representation of a mother-to-be with a baby bump. It is a wonderful way to commemorate a special moment in time, and a gentle reminder of a phase of life that passes all too quickly.


We all want to honor our family connections, and there is no better way to do that than with family figurines. They are three dimensional keepsakes, showing the depth and joy of family and family relationships.


Display them proudly throughout your home, give them as gifts, or collect them. However you choose them, they will become cherished objects that will always give you pleasure.

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Written by K Kannon Co.

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