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Celebrating the New Decade with Well Wishes

A new decade is just around the corner and now is a great time to bring peace and prosperity into the new year. Willow Tree figurines are the perfect addition to any household looking for some cheer and warmth. Let’s take a look at some of the figurines that would be perfect to bring new life and well wishes for a happy and fruitful new year.

Willow Tree Angel of Courage Figurine

This adorable figurine exudes positive energy. She stands tall with her wings spread and her arms up in a “V” for victory. If you are looking for a gift for someone seeking courage, this little angel would be perfect! Although small, she is a symbol of hope. She will help you push through the year and overcome any obstacles that may come your way.

Willow Tree Angel of Healing Figurine

Perhaps you have someone in your life who is not feeling well, or maybe you know a dedicated nurse or doctor. This little figurine is designed for people going through the healing process, whether as a patient or practitioner. She stands with her head bowed and holding her little songbird, tending to it lovingly in her arms. The card that accompanies this little angel says “For those who give comfort with caring and tenderness.”

Willow Tree Happiness Angel Figurine 

Happy and carefree, this angel stands with her arms spread with three little bluebirds perched on her arms. This little figurine is great for any creative minds in your life. The card associated with this figurine states, “Free to sing, laugh, dance … create,” and this angel can be a great source of happy inspiration for anyone.

Willow Tree Good Health Angel Figurine

The best gift you can give someone is the gift of good health. This tiny little angel is a wonderful gift for someone recovering from a surgery or illness, or just as a preventative measure. This little angel carries a handful of apples in her arms – after all, an apple a day keeps the doctor away! The Good Health Angel Figurine comes with a card sharing wishes for “An abundance of health and happiness” for you and your loved ones.

Willow Tree figurines are the perfect thing to decorate your house with this new year. Shop our online collection today and find the perfect new figurine for your home or office, or call us today at 800-226-1044.

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