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Celebrate Easter with a Willow Tree Figurine

Willow Tree Sunshine Angel

While Easter is usually thought of as a time for Easter egg hunts, honey-baked hams and candy, it is also a time for togetherness and rebirth for families of faith.

One of the best ways to celebrate this togetherness and rebirth, that is the spring season, is with a Willow Tree Figuring that can be proudly displayed year after year. In this blog, we will discuss a few Willow Tree figurines that you are sure to enjoy!

New Life Family Figurine

The Willow Tree New Life Family Figurine shows a young couple gazing at their brand-new baby. This figurine is perfect for celebrating a new baby and welcoming him or her to the world with joyous love. It’s also the perfect reminder of the birth that is associated with Easter and the spring season. The gift card reads, “Celebrating the miracle of new life.”

Willow Tree Sunshine Angel

The Willow Tree Sunshine Angel is the perfect gift for the Easter season as it represents a rebirth and blooming. It features an angel carrying a sac of freshly picked flowers that show spring is upon us. Standing 5.5 inches tall, it is the perfect piece to display on shelves, tables and more during the holiday season. It’s gift card reads “Friendship brings the sun…and flowers bloom!

Willow Tree Something Special Figurine

The Willow Tree Something Special Figurine is another great gift idea for the Easter season as it represents rebirth through the use of a young boy and a plant that is beginning to sprout up.  

Also standing 5.5 inches tall, this figurine not only represents rebirth but also the blooming of new life in the spring season. The gift card reads “You make the world a better place”.

If you would like to order a new Willow Tree figurine for that special someone in your life this Easter season, we ask that you reach out to our team at K. Kannon Company at your earliest convenience. To grow your collection and celebrate the Easter season, we ask that you give us a call today at 800-226-1044!

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