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Celebrate a New Member of the Family

Precious newborns give new delight to expectant parents and create joy among family and friends celebrating a new member of the family. The miracle of life is celebrated in countless ways, from showers and parties to cards and photographs. Another great way to honor this new life is with a Willow Tree figurine, which will serve as a sentimental reminder of this new little miracle.

Consider the following precious figurines to celebrate a new member of your family or to give the new parents in your life a thoughtful keepsake.

Willow Tree Home FigurineWillow Tree Family Figurine

A thoughtful gift for the young couple expecting their first baby or for yourself to commemorate your first newborn, the Willow Tree Home Figurine captures the excitement and love of expecting a child. This statue features the father-to-be holding the mother’s tummy and head in a comforting stance of complete support. The mother leans into the father, holding her tummy to be close to her baby. This figurine is the perfect way to celebrate the upcoming birth and life of a new member of the family, and stands about 8.5 inches tall.

Willow Tree Angel of Mine

The Willow Tree Angel of Mine Figurine depicts a mother holding her baby tight to her heart, displaying the beautiful bond between mother and child. This loving mother is an angel in her own way, needing no wings as she looks over her precious baby. Eight inches in height and complete with a card that reads “So loved, so very loved,” this figurine is the perfect gift for friends or family members recently blessed with a new baby of their own.

Willow Tree New Life Family Figurine

A beautiful figurine displaying two proud parents, the Willow Tree New Life Family Figurine is comprised of a new mother and father sitting together and gazing fondly at their new bundle of life. The baby rests comfortably in the father’s arms, as the mother leans on the father, looking on in joy at the life she helped create. At 5 inches tall, this figurine reads, “Celebrating the miracle of new life.” This figurine is the perfect way to congratulate a new mother and father on extending their family.

There are many great Willow Tree family figurines that are perfectly precious family keepsake figurines. Shop our collection online or call K Kannon today at 800-226-1044 to learn more.

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