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Willow Tree – Not Just figurines!

Willow Tree

There are many people who have discovered the joy that the Willow Tree Figurines can bring. It is a great piece of art to give to friends, family, and loved ones. There is one for practically any occasion. But did you know that Willow Tree sells more than just figurines?

One of the other collectable items that you can purchase is a plaque. Just like the figurines, there are many different styles and occasions that these would be appropriate for. They would make an excellent addition to a coffee table or end table on display. Why not show someone you care by giving them an ultra-personal gift? The pictures showcase families, lovers, and even figures on their own. Regardless of the picture, they all tell a compelling story.

Another great option from Willow Tree is the adorable Keepsake Box. These little boxes are great for storing small knick knacks that are precious to you or for carrying something with a special memory. Women may also use it to store jewelry in! The Keepsake Box has artwork on the outside of the cover, which has many different pictures on them. They range from holiday appropriate to everyday scenarios. Inside the Keepsake Box, there is also a card included with the name of the piece of what the picture depicts.

Some of these plaques and keepsake boxes are retired, but please feel free to take the time to browse the collection and possibly even add to your own today. These precious gifts could be shared with others, but are also great for those who wish to collect their own memories.


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