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Reward Your Graduate for all Their Hard Work

Right around this time of year, students are graduating from high school and college. This can be stressful time, but also extremely rewarding! These graduates are getting ready to embark on a new journey. Some are on the path to figure out their careers, and others are going out into the “real world.”

Why not reward them with a gift that they can adore for years to come? Here are some special items that would make excellent gift for your hard working graduate.


The Hope Figurine can be seen reaching and holding on to hope. This can be a very special thought for your graduate- it sends a very positive message that they can see every day as they start their new chapter in their life.


Willow Tree



This Prayer Angel Figurine is the perfect companion for the graduate as a reminder of the path that they have chosen and all of the family and friends that are praying for them while they are on their journey.



Willow Tree




We have male figurines too! The “Heart of Gold” figurine shows a boy holding a golden heart. This could be a very sentimental piece for parents whose children are moving out.  Show that special graduate just how much they mean to you.


Willow Tree




The Angel of Courage Figurine is another uplifting gift to give your graduate. Big changes in a person’s life can leave them feeling unsure- give them this lovely figurine to encourage them!




Willow Tree




The Wisdom Figurine is a great gift for that special graduate to remind them that learning is something you do your whole life, not just while you are in school.






As always, the figurines you receive through K Kannon Co. will be high quality and something you will be proud to give to your loved ones.

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Written by K Kannon Co.

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