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The Versatility of our Keepsake Boxes

Choosing a gift for special events or occasions in life can be a difficult task. You have gone to every store and cannot seem to find the perfect gift to express how you feel about someone or about a situation.  Keepsake boxes are more than simply a box; they are a gift within a gift.

Keepsake boxes all have their own characteristics that can be applied to any situation. If you have a graduate in your family, this may be the time you want to pass down a piece of family jewelry. Yes you could put it in one of those velvet boxes, but then again you can make the boxes part of the gift as well.

Willow Tree


One of the best boxes for this could be the From the Heart Box or Embrace Box. This is the perfect way to express to your graduate that you want them to have a safe journey in life and would like to keep them safe. If you include a special piece of jewelry every time they wear the item they will remember what is inscribed in that box and strive for greatness.



willow treewillow tree

willow tree









For those of you who are current or past pet owners, there are many of boxes that show a person with their best friend. If you have recently lost a pet that truly made your life full and you miss them, or know someone who misses them, this can represent them.

Whatever you want to use them for they will be a great addition to any collection. They can be admired for years to come. Keepsake Boxes are truly a versatile option for any gift giving occasion and still give that personal touch everyone loves in a gift.


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