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The Benefits of Giving a Gift

Gift Giving Why do we give gifts? Why do we give things to other people? These are interesting questions that most people never ask themselves.

From a psychological perspective, the idea of one person giving a gift to another person has to do with a physical, tangible way of telling that other person, “I’m thinking of you. I care about you.” All people, no matter where they live or how much money they have (or don’t have), like to be thought of and cared about.

Gifts mean someone thought about you specifically. “What would he/she like?” they ask themselves. “If I get this gift for them would it brighten up their day, making them smile?”

Meanwhile, gift giving makes the gift giver feel generous (a good feeling), raising their own self-esteem (I was able to do this for another person) while helping build a stronger friendship or relationship. Gifts can bond people together and they definitely serve as conversation starters. Indeed, some gifts get talked about decades after they’re given! It’s no wonder that parents train up their children to give gifts as “the right thing to do.”

Here’s a word of caution: it’s best to give gifts mindfully rather than mindlessly. You should “want” to give a gift to another person versus “have” to give one. For those who give because they feel they have to, instead of it being a positive experience for the giver, it ends up being at best neutral or at worst an annoyance that frustrates them.

Generally, giving a gift is a positive experience for both parties involved. Essentially, gift giving is an act or gesture of love between people, and the world definitely needs more love these days.

Kannon Company offers beautiful Willow Tree figurines. These keepsakes make great gifts because they remind both the gift giver and the gift receiver of love– heavenly, spiritual, familial love. Definitely take some time today to browse the lovely figurines that range from angels to families and see which one catches your eye. Oftentimes, shoppers find “the perfect one” online for their special someone and feel good about sending it to them as a thoughtful present.

Everyone likes to be thought of and cared about; gifts remind us we’re loved.

Written by K Kannon Co.

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