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Starting a New Family

Every journey in life is beautiful and new, but also sometimes it can be frightening.

To help get over these fears a small gift to show how much you care and to show much you understand can go a long way. For a couple embarking on the journey into parenthood this means a lot more than you could imagine.

They will have plenty of people giving them gifts for the baby but what about a token for them as parents?

Our Willow Tree Home Figurine is the perfect gift for the expecting couple. The couple is posed looking down upon the mother belly thinking about the journey they about to start together.

As a mothers belly grows she understands the importance of what she is doing and understands the responsibility she is about Our Giftto take on. Fathers see their partner in life grow in size and in joy as they both share in this joyous season of life.

Another perfect figurine we offer is “Our Gift.” This shows the love a family has for their new gift. Children are a gift we cherish for our whole lives, they bring joy and laughter. Sometimes they bring sadness and sorrow, during those times it may be beneficial to have Our Gift around to remind them where it all started and why parents give all they have for their children.

Any new family is in need of extra love and care, bring them a casserole to fill their bellies, and a gift to last them a lifetime. The gesture will mean more to them than you could imagine or maybe you have been in their shoes and you understand what it feels like.

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Written by K Kannon Co.

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