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Show Your Appreciation and Love This Grandparents Day

“… honor those who have helped shape the character of our Nation, and thank these role models for their immeasurable acts of love, care and understanding.” -President Barack Obama

From sharing long-standing family traditions to attending ball games, grandparents are a source of wisdom who guides every member of their clan through the various challenges and triumphs in life. While times and technology remain ever-changing, the knowledge and experience of our grandparents is the most crucial element of their role in the family, and this is why in 1978, Congress passed legislation which proclaimed that the first Sunday following Labor Day would be dedicated to honoring our valuable and beloved elders. K Kannon wants to help you as you celebrate the role of grandparents in your life on Grandparents Day, which falls on Sept. 13. This year, Do Something Grand to show them how much they mean to you, and present them with a commemorative figurine from the K Kannon Willow Tree Collection.

GrandfatherBridging Generations with Endless Love

Grandfathers are for fishing, hunting and tee-ball, but they’re also for bad days and Christmas morning. Grandfathers show you what you stand to gain from a lifetime of hard work, and sharing their wisdom with us is why on we honor these patriarchs with our love on Grandparents Day, sharing in their life experiences and advice. Showing a grandfather looking lovingly at his grandson, the Grandfather family figure is a perfect gift for gramps.

GrandmotherA Unique Love that Transcends the Years

A grandmother’s love is something that can’t be compared to any other bond, and knowing the unconditional love of your nana is a feeling that remains with you all your life. On Sept. 13, give her something to remind her daily of her unique and special love for her grandchildren with the Grandmother family figurine.

Quilt“Sleep, my child …”

The sensation of their little bodies at rest never really fades, and the feelings and imagery of a grandmother rocking a baby to sleep is depicted in The Quilt, a figurine dedicated to reminding a special grandma how much she is appreciated for her help, wisdom and advice as she has watched her family grow and expand throughout the years, adding new branches to the family tree.

Generations“Memories to Last a Lifetime”

The Generations figurine is a perfect depiction of the bond between grandparents and their grandkids. Showing both a grandmother and grandfather speaking lovingly to a child, giving this little reminder of your love to your grandparents will surely show them how much you appreciated all the time they spent with you as a child. Given to your own parents when you have a child of your own, it is a wonderful way to highlight how they provided that same love to you as a kid!

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