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More Ways to Celebrate Romance Awareness Month

Summer may be winding down and the cool, crisp bite of autumn is already knocking at the door, but National Romance Awareness Month continues to celebrate the warmth and passion of your affections and love. As we covered in our last blog, this month is a celebration of romantic moments and shared feelings. Find a perfect way to capture your love and life together in a memento that you can look upon fondly each day with one of our great Willow Tree figurines.

Willow Tree Promise FigurinePromise

Depicting a happy couple held close in an intimate dance step, the Promise figurine captures the romance of an evening spent enjoying one another’s company. Whether the meaning to you honors your first dance together as a couple or at your marriage ceremony or a special night out on the dance floor, the heartfelt love shared between this couple is a great way to celebrate your own feelings. As they stand close, locked in each other’s arms, the card’s reading is all the more fitting: “Hold dear the promise of love.”

Willow Tree Together FigurineTogether

The last figurine couple in our National Romance Awareness Month selection is the Together couple. Standing in tandem, the woman locked in a hug from her husband or boyfriend standing behind her, the couple shares a tender moment embracing. Their faces are close, sharing in the intimacy of being close together and sharing so much of themselves and their feelings so simply, yet clearly. This pair again highlights the feelings of shared love and finding the perfect person with whom to share your life. The card here says it all: “For those who have found their true partner in love and life.”

While these figures make excellent keepsakes to display and remind you of your special bond throughout the year, Willow Tree offers many more figurines to capture nearly any moment or feeling. Whether for a special occasion or just as an impromptu gift to yourself or a friend, check out our full selection of Willow Tree products or contact us today at 800-226-1044 for more information.

Written by K Kannon Co.

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