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How to Show Support to a Grieving Friend

Losing a loved one is never easy, and watching a friend go through the stages of mourning is truly heartbreaking. However, your friend needs your love and support now more than ever, and your attention and care can help them through this hard time in their life.

Here are some ways to show support to a friend going through the grieving process.

Truly listen

Woman Hugging Mourning FriendLet your friend be emotionally vulnerable and allow them to express their feelings as needed. Rather than offer advice or personal stories to your friend, let them lead the conversation.

Be comfortable with silence, and offer validation to normalize the grieving process when necessary.

Send a gift

Sending a gift to your grieving friend lets them know you are thinking about them. If your friend lives far away, mail them something to show them you are still supporting them from a distance.

Common gifts include flowers and handwritten notes. However, you could also go in a more practical direction by cooking your friend a meal or getting them a gift card to their favorite restaurant so they do not have to cook one or two nights. Thoughtful gifts like this “Thinking of You” Willow Tree angel figurine is the perfect way to show someone you are there for them during such a hard time.

Show up

Beyond sending a gift and listening to your friend, show your support by showing up and being there. Physically visit your friend during this time to check in on them. Rather than dropping off dinner as a gift, take your friend out to eat or go to their house and share a meal with them.

Consider some practical chores or tasks you could help your friend accomplish and offer to help.

Grieving is a long and difficult process, but you can help your friend get through it. The Willow Tree angel figurines are just a small way of showing your friend you’re there for them.

Written by K Kannon Co.

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