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Graduation Days and New Beginnings

Each and every spring, thousands of fresh-faced teenagers and college students approach the beginning of their new lives: Graduation Day. No longer your precious baby, your son or daughter has finished their education and now embarks on the next chapter of their life.

Whether they are heading from high school to college or onward to a new career, trade or service in the military, every one of these students now moves on to a world with additional responsibilities and opportunities. It’s a special time in their lives, and we have perfect keepsakes to remind them throughout their lives of all the possibilities at their fingertips at this milestone in their journey.

Love of LearningThe Willow Tree “Angel of Learning,” now retired from the active collection, depicts a wizened angelic figurine protecting her knowledge of the world, and will make a cherished memento in your son or daughter’s life for years to come. Also embracing the power of learning is the “Love of Learning” statuette, complete with an open book, representing that same open story that lies before the young graduates. The book reads “Open books, open minds,” and makes a wonderful reminder for your grad to keep those words in mind as they move on to the next chapter of their life.

Lastly, the “Wisdom” figurine depicts a seated person enjoying some light reading. The statuette features the words “A lifelong love of learning,” and would be an excellent keepsake for the college-bound high school graduate, an aspiring teacher or anyone with a passion for knowledge.

Graduation marks a crossroads in life, with the road ahead unknown and full of possibilities. Extend a welcoming hand to the graduate in your life this season with a beloved and thoughtful keepsake to remind them of the memories behind them as they start on the journey to new memories yet to come.


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