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Celebrate Thanksgiving With A Willow Tree Angel

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, making it the perfect time to reconnect with the important people in your life.

Willow Tree Angel of The Kitchen Figurine

To add to this festive warmth, K. Kannon Company has several Willow Tree Angels that will help you and your loved ones celebrate the blessing of family. Below are a selection of three of our favorite angels that will be perfect to display in any space.

Celebrate Angel Figurine

As a child, there was a sense of magic and joy during this festive time of year. Remember sitting in the classroom and tracing your hand to make your very own fun turkey character? You knew that in just a few days, you’d get to eat great food and spend time with the people you love. The Willow Tree Celebrate Angel Figurine is a representation of this childlike feeling of anticipation.

Mi Casa Figurine

Thanksgiving might be the only time of year when you have all of your extended family under one roof. You see your cousin who you love to talk with, but do not normally get to see with both of your busy schedules. Nieces and nephews seem to grow up so fast, and the last time you were under the same roof with them, they were much smaller. Sharing a home with the people you love is exactly the sentiment of our Willow Tree Mi Casa Figurine.

Angel of the Kitchen Figurine

During this holiday, the kitchen is where everything happens. Loved ones flow in and out as a way to pitch in, or to keep company with family members who are hard at work on the huge feast. People catch up, eat, drink and laugh in the kitchen. Keep these special moments close to your heart always with the Angel of the Kitchen Figurine.

If you would like to add a little festive spirituality to your Thanksgiving dinner as you spend time with friends and family, make sure to order your favorite Willow Tree Angel from us at K. Kannon Company today. Give us a call at 800-226-1044 to learn more.

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