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Angels of the Season

Think about all the times you say “thank you” throughout the year without even thinking about it. A simple wave to say thanks to the car letting you go ahead of them in traffic, to the cashier at the grocery store thanking them for ringing in your groceries, or even thanking someone in an email or your loved one for just listening to how your day went, making you feel important and loved. With Thanksgiving Day fast approaching, it is the time to really think about the people that you will break bread with and tell them each why you are thankful for them. Here are a few of our favorite angels of the season that will help you show how thankful you are.

Thank You AngelWillow Tree Thank You Angel (Retired)

The Willow Tree Thank You Angel is one of our retired products that we offer during the season of thanks because of the message that it displays. This angel comes with a simple card that reads “Appreciating your kindness,” and is the perfect gift to bring to the home of the host to show your appreciation for all of their hard work and kindness. It’s also a great keepsake or gift to show any special someone in your life how they act as an angel to you, helping you through your days with support, love and care all throughout the year.

Good Health AngelWillow Tree Good Health Angel

Whether you’re thankful for your own continued health or are happy that someone in your life has overcome an illness or disease, the Good Health Angel Figure is a great gift to give to anyone in your life that you care about. The card on this figure reads “Wishing an abundance of health and happiness,” making it a great option to share your wishes for continued health. The figure stands 5 inches tall and the angel figurine is carrying an abundance of apples – keeping the doctor away.

Angel of HopeWillow Tree Angel of Hope

Feeling close to others is what the holiday season is all about, and the Angel of Hope figurine embodies just these emotions from the moment you lay eyes upon it. The angel’s included card reads “Each day, hope anew,” a message to keep hope alive, whether for the smallest wishes or for grander things in life. A figure that inspires – whether for yourself or a loved one – the angel is truly one of the many ways to show appreciation and your well wishes this holiday season.

Each of these angel figurines offer messages that are perfect for not only the Thanksgiving season, but all throughout the year. Give thanks to your friends, family and loved ones this fall, and we send along our best wishes for good health and hope to all of those you care about in your lives.

Written by K Kannon Co.

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