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New Additions to Expand Your Nativity Scene

Nativity SceneExpand your nativity scene and bring the joy of the season to life with the latest additions to Willow Tree’s nativity collection.

Willow Tree Christmas Story Nativity Figurines

Featuring all the beauty of the Christmas story, the new Willow Tree Christmas Story Nativity Figurines feature Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus done in stunning designs that make it a perfect centerpiece or mantel display. Depicted in loving poses that celebrate Christ’s birth and show the love of family, this nativity set honors the traditions and beliefs held dear in many hearts. Joseph appears as the protective father, Mary as the blessed and loving mother, and baby Jesus as the precious baby who is cherished and loved. This one-piece set stands 7.5 inches tall and is a great option for anyone who has been looking for a smaller nativity display.

Willow Tree Gentle Animals of the Stable

The Willow Tree Gentle Animals of the Stable figurines feature extraordinary craftsmanship that perfectly complements the base Christmas Story set. The stable animal figurines enhance the nativity scene, offering extra warmth and realism. The animals not only help represent the humble stable birth of baby Jesus, they offer rich symbols of the season as well. The peaceful poses of the baby lamb and donkey help reinforce the air of tranquility that surrounds the Christmas holiday, while like Mary, the mother lamb stands lovingly and protectively over her baby. The donkey represents service and assistance in times of trouble, while the baby lamb signifies the innocence and peaceful nature of the beloved baby Jesus. Standing 5.5 inches at the tallest, these figures are another great option to expand your nativity collection.

Celebrate the Christmas season and all it means with the latest beautiful designs from Willow Tree’s Christmas Story collection. Carefully created to convey the symbolism behind the celebration, they not only add a beautiful touch to your home for the holidays, they are a physical reminder of the time-honored Christmas story. Arrange and display the figurines in a design that suits your style and display space for an incredible holiday adornment that showcases the treasured traditions and revered beliefs of the Christmas season.

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Written by K Kannon Co.

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