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Give Your Grad a Gift from Willow Tree

GraduatesGraduations are a time to reflect, celebrate and feel proud of the accomplishments of the graduate. Many graduates today, though, have a hard time taking a break to enjoy the moment as they are so focused on what’s next. That’s why a Willow Tree figurine keepsake is the perfect gift for a graduate. They are sure to cherish the gift for many years to come, and when they look at it they will remember their accomplishments with pride.

There are a few different figurines available from K Kannon that work well for gradation gifts, whether the graduate is leaving high school and about to enter college or getting their college degree and starting on their career.

To celebrate graduates who are about to go out into the world and make it a better place with their work, the Something Special figurine is the perfect gift. The figurine shows a small child holding a budding plant and looking up expectantly at what comes next. The gift card reads, “You make the world a better place,” a message that’s sure to inspire as your recipient moves on to the next stages of their life.

For the graduate who loved school and learning and perhaps is moving on to college or graduate school, there are two figurines that would be great gifts. First, the Angel of Learning figurine depicts an angel holding a book lovingly. This retired figurine embodies the spirit of knowledge and education, and is a great choice for anyone passionate about learning. The Love of Learning figurine is an equally good choice, depicting a young woman holding a book close to her heart. The gift card for the Love of Learning figurine reads, “Open books, open minds,” and what better way to send your special graduate out into the world than with such promising words?

Lastly, the Wisdom figurine is a good choice for graduate school graduates or a learner who is graduating after completing a new degree later in life. It shows a woman sitting down, reading a book, and features a gift card reading, “A lifelong love of learning.” A great gift for lovers of knowledge, this figurine is sure to become a cherished keepsake of any graduate who receives it.

Graduations are a special time, so make sure the graduate you are celebrating has a keepsake to remember this time and to remind themselves of their accomplishments. Whether one of these great keepsakes or another Willow Tree figurine, there are plenty of options available that would make thoughtful graduation gifts, no matter what the graduate’s next plans are. Check out our full inventory today, or call us at 800-226-1044 to learn more.

Written by K Kannon Co.

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