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Celebrate Love this Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Flowers on Valentine’s Day may tell your special someone “I love you,” but what if you want to say more? Give the gift of a Willow Tree figurine this Valentine’s Day and give your partner something special to cherish for years to come, long after the flowers are gone.

Here at K Kannon, we offer a number of figurines that are perfect for expressing your love for your special someone this Valentine’s Day. Here are some of our favorites.

Je T’aime (I Love You) Figurine

The Je T’aime (I Love You) figurine stands tall, and cradles a heart close to her chest. The gift card reads, “In any language, it’s you I love.” This figurine is the perfect gift to express your love to someone, whether you’ve only been together a short while, or you’ve spent years building a life together. Let the love of your life know that no matter what happens in life, you love them unconditionally.

Love Family Figurine

Perfect for celebrating not only your shared love, but the family that your love created, is the Love Family figurine. This figurine depicts a woman holding a rose, and the included card reads, “Love, everlasting and true.” This is a perfect gift for your wife or mother, and will let her know that it’s her love that has made your family so special and cherished.

Sign for Love Angel Figurine

The Sign for Love Angel Figurine is a truly unique one. The angel has her hands crossed over her chest, which is the way to express love in sign language. The card reads simply “I love you,” and this figurine is a perfect way to show your loved one how you feel and remind them of your love for years to come.

Angel of Love Figurine

The Angel of Love figurine is a classic gift for Valentine’s Day. This figurine has a halo of lacework hearts around her head, and her hands are clasped in prayer just under her cheek. The gift card reads, “So happy to love and be loved.” This angel would make a perfect gift to any loved one in your life, and expresses the sentiment of not only loving someone, but loving to be loved by them, too.

This Valentine’s Day, give something more special than flowers. Order your Willow Tree gift for Valentine’s Day soon from K Kannon. Shop our inventory online now or give us a call today at 800-226-1044 to place your order.

Written by K Kannon Co.

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